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Integrate: Doing Business in the 21st Century

Integrate is an easy read guide for people in business about the new way of thinking in running a company today. Businesses, large and small, have the same issues to contend with: greater expectations of their stakeholders, rising consumer power in the digital information age, environmental constraints, economic uncertainty in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, and social uncertainty on rising income inequality. Doing business today is quite different from the past. Different corporate tools are needed.

One of the four corporate tools for today’s business is integrated thinking. This extends strategy and daily management beyond the pure financial to encompass the social and environmental factors that deeply affect a company’s future viability in the 21st century. Integrated thinking leads to another tool – the integrated report. This tells the company’s story of how it creates value and how it can create value in the future. The global financial
crisis showed that a more understandable and holistic form of company reporting is crucially needed.

This book offers practical guidance on integrated thinking and the integrated report.

Publisher: Juta
Publication date: 2013
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Edited by Richard Steyn, former editor of The Star, and endorsed by the Institute of Directors, the Chartered Marketing Council, the Advertising Standards Association and the Marketing Excellence Awards, the book is summed up by Dr Ivan May in his introduction: "Sponsorship SA... is a guide to optimising sponsorships and avoiding some of its costly hazards."

The book has been arranged in sections and contains articles from contributors who are recognised as experts in their specialised fields, including Prof Mervyn King SC on "Administered Mediation - King 3".

Publisher: Wag the Dog Publishers
Publication date: July 2008

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Transcient Caretakers

You don’t have to be a scientist to see the evidence of manmade climate change. The weather is getting warmer and will heat up more as the atmosphere traps greenhouse gases emitted by combustion of petroleum, coal or gas. As informed readers know, if global warming continues at its present rate, the effects will be calamitous. Oceans will rise, submerging island nations and coastal cities. Food and fresh water will diminish. Extreme weather will be more common. Earth will become hostile to its inhabitants.

What can be done? More than you might think. Mervyn King and Teodorina Lessidrenska offer a hopeful prescription for sustainability and change, plus an important, sobering report on the challenge of global warming and its impact.

getAbstract praises their analysis and their practical advice on how people can work together to make a difference.

Click here for getabstract's book summary on "Transient Caretakers".

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9781770101623
Publication date: 2009
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The Corporate Citizen

The interest in good corporate governance has grown tremendously in the past decade. Corporate scandals, environmental awareness and globalisation have all played their part in raising shareholder and public awareness in how companies should be governed.

Publisher: The Penguin Group (SA) (Pty) Ltd
ISBN: 9780143025085
Publication date: March 2006
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Challenges of Governance in South Africa and Abroad - ICASA & Network Finance Breakfast
23 July 2008

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Text of Mervyn King’s Speech  at the 2008 Wits commerce, law and management graduation
03 April 2008

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King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa - What it means to you (report by a major SA law firm)
Courtesy: Cliffe Decker Attorneys

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